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Two Emerging Trends in Online Content Consumption

The Importance of Humility Online

Should Yelp Call Out Racist Businesses? [Content Made Simple]

The Evaporation of Empathy

U.S. House Rules Facebook Is Monopoly

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The Social Dilemma We All Face

We Live in a Technopoly

FarmVille Is Shutting Down!? [Content Made Simple]

What Is "Good Content"?

The Most Common Social Media Strategy Mistake

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"If It's Free, You're the Product"

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How Facebook Manipulates Us Part 1: Why Facebook Exists

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"People Who Disagree With Me Cause Me Harm"

The Facebookification of Instagram

Don't Merge the Messenger! [Content Made Simple]

How to Recover the Backstage

We Have Lost Control of the Backstage

4 Reasons Cancel Culture Doesn't Work [Content Made Simple]

4 Factors That Make Cancel Culture Ineffective

The Peacock's Parade

How America Is Exporting the QAnon Conspiracy [Content Made Simple]

Be a "Great Noticer"

Tech CEOs Appear Before Congress to Prove They Aren't Monopolies (or at least they try)

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A Social Media Conspiracy Theory Case Study: QAnon

Parisian Posters and a Possible Revolt

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Social Media, Conspiracy Theories, and Our Witness

The Prophetic Words of Senator Sam Ervin Circa 1974

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Recent Developments Regarding Cancel Culture

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Social Media Is Not Biased Left or Right...but Downward

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JUST IN: Facebook Changes Its Algorithm! [Content Made Simple]

3 Reasons Facebook Groups Are Disproportionately Valuable Right Now

Be a Cat, Not a Dog

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"Hell Is Other People"

You Made Google

Why Do We Anthropomorphize the Internet? [Content Made Simple]

The Internet as Place and Person

Passive and Active Social Media Content: Both Are Important

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A Few Timely Thoughts From Neil Postman

The Most Important Social Media Advice I Give People

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Facebook Ignored Its Own Research About Divisiveness

President Trump Signs Executive Order on Social Media, and Some Thoughts on Content Censorship

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