What a small world. I have been thinking similar thoughts about writing on the Internet. I, too, was a blogger/online journal fanatic back in the day. I long for the time when “consuming content“ meant opening your RSS feed reader to find out what your other blogger friends had been up to that week.

I agree that we need to preserve the deeper parts of writing that go beyond its utility. With AI tools becoming more prevalent, it likely won’t be long before the machines can take care of the utilitarian content for us. But only humans can write something that has meeting. 

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Amen to that! I am currently reading Art and Faith by Makoto Fujimura, and I am underlining and notating it like crazy. I have for several years been struggling with how to portray the negative life circumstance I am in - the hard truths or beauty of what has come out of it. The answer is both, like David does in the Psalms.

Fujimura addresses how our culture has become Darwinian - practical - and it has negatively affected me by not writing poetry for many years, despite the fact I know I was called to do so. I tried the be like the advice tellers who said to get on the major social media platforms only to have God rip them away by deplatforming me (or allowing evil to do His purpose). Now that I have two major social media accounts on the same platform that is not looked up on well by most others, I am happier anyway without the major accepted ones.

I had a vision of myself a few years ago being prolific and I am wondering if it is because the internet will not be available in the near future and I will have to write!

On a side note, I am disturbed by the push for AI writing apps.


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