Who Has the Most Followers on Each Social Media Platform? [Content Made Simple]

Issue #247: Minors and lonely people on Facebook, metaverse fluff, and more.


How to hit the top on each social media platform



The creator economy has produced thousands of social media entrepreneurs who have built mega-audiences in the millions — larger than many media companies. Often, they operate in parallel universes, with little overlap between platforms.

Why it matters: What differentiates social platforms is no longer their features, but their values and communities. What makes one person popular on one platform may not make them remotely interesting or influential on another.


Interesting little piece here from Axios on social media popularity and how it often does cross platform boundaries.


Link #1: Lonely people spend much more time on Facebook than the average user, internal documents show

This is interesting!

Some users who reported being the most isolated were at the extremes for daily Facebook use, averaging either three hours or more on the platform, or 10 minutes or less. Not only do lonelier people spend much more or much less time on Facebook compared to other users, but also they use the time they do spend differently. Facebook's research found lonely users tend to be more passive (reading more and posting less) and are more likely to compare themselves to others.

Link #2: Metaverse Bull Market

Remember when every tech company in the world was talking about their “blockchain” technology a few years ago? Yeah that’s what’s happening with the metaverse now.

The promise of a "metaverse" is being used by companies across entertainment, tech and gaming to lure developers and excite investors.

Why it matters: While each company defines metaverse differently, the broad concept of bringing people together in a virtual interactive world seems to have taken over the chatter in Hollywood and Silicon Valley.

Link #3: Facebook and Instagram gathering browsing data from under-18s, study says


Facebook and Instagram are gathering data from under-18s by using software that tracks users’ web browsing activity, according to research.

The platforms’ parent company had announced in July that it would allow advertisers to target young users based on three categories only – age, gender and location – rather than a range of options including their personal interests.

However, research by a trio of campaign groups states that Facebook and Instagram have retained the use of software, known as conversion APIs, that gathers details of teens’ web browsing activities.


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