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Hey Chris,

Joined up this week from Australia after reading an interview with you on Gospel Coalition re social media and christianity. It was a great read, and resonated with my own thinking.

This article today on Rogan, it's exactly what I've been trying to tell people for a while.

I don't listen to Rogan because I agree with his ideology.

I listen because he wants to have interesting conversations, and he puts that in front of (usually) his own politics/arguments. And you can have some great conversations with people, get a common ground with people who don't love Jesus - And let that lead to opportunities to point them to Him.

Anyway, cheers. Really appreciate what you've been doing here with Terms of Service, even as a brand new reader. Love it!

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If I had a podcast with, oh I don't know...Chris Martin as a co-host, we'd be having some knock-out interviews, because we'd let The Holy Spirit run the show! The energy/interplay between 2 brothers in Christ - who are wild and crazy guys (but know who they are) - would become very compelling to people to tune in to. Just musing over your excellent article; thanks Chris. Blessings!

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He's into DMT, not mushrooms. I think you, in particular, would actually benefit from any psychedelic, though. Listen to Terrence McKenna, who RIP was a fantastic speaker; great as a lecturer, I think Rogan is a big fan.

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wow, that was awful. what makes him great is that HE LISTENS. My favorite interviewer is Terry Gross. Waaay on a different side of the cultural landscape, I won't say opposite because such a huge amount of comments on Rogan's podcasts is that he's a "sellout". By proto-conservatives who are too stupid to really have any ideology at all. In contrast Charlie Rose and Chris Matthews are egomaniacs who constantly interrupt and insert themselves into the conversation and got where they are by bullying and bossing their way into positions where they got good guests. Rogan listens. Obviously the public and the media are too stupid to figure this out and its really aggravating. God only knows what a lousy interviewer you would be.

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