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Hey there. My name is Chris Martin.

A Bit About Me

I oversee social media for a large Christian publishing company.

I consult on social media strategy with a wide variety of people and organizations.

I love researching and writing about social media strategy, internet culture trends, and the interplay between our online and offline worlds.

Instead of writing this content for free at chrismartin.blog, where I have previously, I decided to bring it here, to Substack, and put it behind a paywall. (I explain here if you’re interested.)

A Bit About Terms of Service

Every Monday and Thursday I will write a blog post/email for paid subscribers.

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A Bit About Subscribing

Subscribing costs just $5 per month, or $50 per year (a nice discount for signing up annually).

I have blogged off and on for years, but my hope is that, with some subscribers, I can justify investing the time and energy to creating content more consistently that is helpful for anyone interested in social media strategy specifically and internet culture/trends more broadly.

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Thanks for reading. I hope this is helpful for you.