Really awesome read this morning thank you so much! Surrogate activity--I wonder if its a coincidence that ted used a word that is so heavily-used in Brave New World?

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It has long been my thought that the powers that be in the two monopoly political parties use that idea to the fullest.

“If we feed them enough talking points that they spend all of their time arguing with each other about things that are often trivial, ‘give’ them the chance to regularly practice what is a Constitutionally given right and keep them distracted with enough ‘issues’ then they will fight amongst themselves and feel good about the battle and their vote and leave us alone to enrich ourselves at their expense”!

I lived in the DC area for a few years in the ‘90s and have personally witnessed political opponents at each other’s throats until the cameras were turned off then they would congratulate each other and go have a drink to celebrate the good life they have. Distractions are a tool that is used every day in the political world. The internet, more precisely social media, is another tool used in the same way. Many/most of our political disagreements are surrogate activities that are expertly used to keep us happy that we fought somebody about ideology in a smaller matter and had no time left to debate real problems.

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