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This was an occupy protest gone wrong. It wasn't an insurrection. It wasn't a siege. It wasn't an attempt to violently overthrow the government. Some may have had more radical motives but most were merely gullible people swept along in the frustration and excitement of the moment. They wanted to stop the vote (at least until they were heard) and make a statement, especially to the lawmakers who had refused to listen to the concerns of the people about widespread malfeasance in the election. I am not justifying their actions, they were unconscionably stupid. But this was not an insurrection. The protestors had almost no weapons and committed no killings. How can you have a violent insurrection to overthrow the government without even attempting or planning to kill anyone in the government? The police had weapons. The protestors did not. Was it grossly miscalculated? Yes. Did it make me angry? Yes. Did I realize this would do more damage to the conservative cause than any good it ever could have done? Yes. But almost everything with Trump was this way. As a true narcissist, he sees things from the perspective of how they affect him and his image, then attempts to convince others his focus is them. Does he actually care about the USA? Yes, very much, but not in the same way those who follow him. This is HIS country, where HE lives with HIS successful family, and HIS beautiful wife, and runs HIS businesses. And everything HE gets involved in has to be the best ever, including America.

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