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Thanks Chris as per usual.

Interestingly you can take the "You Can’t See What Others See" statement another way - In that by intent and/or unknowingly we actually _can't see_ what others see (from their perspective).

Of course it's not a new problem. But certainly we're seeing it big and clear these days, and social media only seems to exacerbate it (which is what you're getting at in this article).

I've had some very clear experiences over the last few months that bear out the truth - We find it very hard to accept other people have different opinions, and even a fragility around the idea of listening.

Even if you were of the pragmatic mind to just learn so you can "destroy the argument" - There doesn't seem to even be that level of relating with one another in a lot of what is going on today.

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Gostei muito. Sou aqui do Brasil e tenho acompanhado o Tim Challies e sua pagina. Todos os dias recebo um e-mail com vários links contendo vários artigos e reflexões como este que acabei de ler. Elas chegam em inglês e eu traduzo para o português para compreender melhor. Se quiser enviar mais desses, pode enviar para o meu endereço de e-mail

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