Also, back to performative grievance, I feel like the Lindsay Ellis/Raya/The Last Airbender drama is a perfect example of this. Her tweet was absolutely harmless, if someone actually took the time to do a good faith interpretation, but people WANTED to be hurt and offended by it, so... Here we are.

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Two points.

1) I don't know you, and I understand the tendency, but don't hedge. Be gracious in your words, but at this point, anyone who isn't aware of the negative side effects/results of social media is willfully ignorant. There are a few other parts as well, which, again, I understand the concern of trying to come off as understanding, but these are serious issues. Being blunt isn't a bad thing.

2) Your last section is exactly what I am concerned about with social media overall: we want to be heard, and we aren't being heard elsewhere. Or, we are, and we are just drunk off affirmation. Lot of different angles, but I really think, by and large, the majority of us wouldn't be constantly online if our actual embodied lives were healthier.

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