Comes for the clickbait-ish title, stays for the balanced, sane, and fantastic post :)

I do have one question though: where does hating social media by proxy fit in here? That is, where does hating social media because of the problems it creates for other people - and eventually their problems cause problems for you?

This is a regularly recurring ministry reality for me. I've long tightened up my social media with the suggestions you give here, as have most of the staff I work with. And yet, we regularly find ourselves putting out fires in the lives of our people that were directly caused/influenced by social media. As you know, its the biggest discipleship issue we face - but my individual social media habits/tailoring doesn't impact the problems our youth ministry students face through *their* social media usage. In that sense, I hate social media not because it directly causes problems for me, but it causes problems for people that I love and care about and am largely powerless to address in a meaningful way.

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