Issue #271: Google data, a new app worth watching, and more.
The number of people who use social media increased by 424 million or 10% in the last year.
Issue #270: Facebook admits mistakes, Influencers 2.0, and more.
I know—you don't want to think it's true, but it's true.
Issue #269: iPod put out to pasture, InstaNFTs, and more.
It's okay to mourn in the cemeteries of the past.
Issue #268: New Twitter developments, TikTok for dating, and more.
Social media is more than those apps.
Issue #267: TikTok heartthrob, what Elon Musk means for Twitter, and more.
Practical reflections, a "free speech" caution, and an encouragement to not care so much.
Issue #266: Elon and Twitter, one-hit wonders, and more.
What if living is hindered by sharing?