Issue #238: Inside the Facebook algorithm, special VIP protections, and more.
I'm finally writing about this.
Issue #237: A couple of new Twitter feature tests, Blues Clues nostalgia, and more.
Indulging in endless entertainment is one of the most tangible ways we worship ourselves.
Issue #236: Pokimane, Facebook moderation, and more.
Friends don’t let friends farm outrage for attention.
Issue #235: Deepfakes, Myspace/Gen Z, and more.
We can't save the world, and that's OK.
Issue #234: Online friendships meet offline, iJustine on her pioneering career, and more.
It's pretty simple.
What Are Text Memes? The New Trend Taking Over Instagram [READ MORE] Quote: A growing ecosystem of Instagram accounts has embraced this text-heavy post…
Out-group animosity makes exposure to opposing ideas unattractive.