Issue #242: Facebook tries to prevent leaks, pastors deleting social media, and more.
It's okay to care. It's also okay to not care.
Issue #241: An analysis of the FB algorithm, how ever social platform turns into a shopping mall, and more.
But we usually act like it is.
Issue #240: YouTube bans anti-vaxx content, Amazon's wack robot, and more.
A modern manifestation of a Lewisean observation
Issue #239: We're all just content, incentives for publishing wither, and more.
Consume. Curate. Create.
Issue #238: Inside the Facebook algorithm, special VIP protections, and more.
I'm finally writing about this.
Issue #237: A couple of new Twitter feature tests, Blues Clues nostalgia, and more.
Indulging in endless entertainment is one of the most tangible ways we worship ourselves.