What is Terms of Service?

Terms of Service is a blog/email newsletter written by Chris Martin. Original posts are delivered on Tuesdays. The weekly Content Made Simple newsletter is delivered on Thursdays—this one is just full of links to good reads. The goal here is try to better understand the social internet from a variety of angles, with a special focus on how it affects us in ways we may not realize.

Who is Chris Martin, anyway?

Chris Martin is content marketing editor at Moody Publishers. He studies internet culture and the effects of social media on broader society for fun. He published a book in February 2022 called Terms of Service that is in the same vein as this newsletter.

He has a second book publishing in 2023.

How Can I Contact Chris Martin?

You can email me here.

How much does it cost to subscribe?

Right now, it is 100% free to subscribe.

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Chris Martin

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